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Contact: Forum Rules, Not a Lie!!!

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Rule 1: Educate, don't bully. People should feel welcome to come here to ask questions, get and provide feedback, have a discussion, and live in a community. If someone is using terminology you don't approve of, explain your case and educate them about why something is offensive, but don't frighten off someone who is new to questioning their gender because they don't have a doctorate in Gender Studies and use the wrong term. If, however, someone is continuously being offensive, PM Brin and I'll take care of it. Bullies will be moderated for a period of time at the mods' discretion, and kicked for repeated offenses. I understand that people disagree. I have no problems with arguments, nor even with the occasional flamewar. But, keep the insults to a minimum, don't eat the newbies and please try to be civil adults.

Rule 2: Don't Feed The Trolls. We're gender variant. The internet is full of people with anonymity and time to kill and they love to start trouble. It costs them nothing to start a flamewar and throw firebombs. They want your reaction. Ignore them and PM Brin. I'll take care of it.

Rule 3: Stay on Topic. I don't mind thread drift as a general rule, but if a conversation strays too far off-topic from the OP, please consider moving it to a new thread. I'm still working out the categories that will appear on the front page, but there is a "General Discussion" for non-Gender stuff to appear. I do want a community, and too much Gender talk doesn't really allow for that kind of development. Go over, say hi, squee your fandom, whatever. :)

Rule 4: Keep It Legal! This forum is wholly paid for and hosted by me (Brin) personally. I have no ads, and am under no freeBBS type companies TOS, except for the host I pay. Please do not upload, link or do anything that is going to land me in jail or have fines that I can ill-afford levied at me.

Rule 5: Respect Other Users' Privacy. Not everyone is as out as you. Not everyone's internet identity is traceable to their IRL identity. Respect the boundaries people set.

Rule 6: Keep it pleasant. Try to be understanding of others' points of view. Feel free to call Brin on violating this when she does it too. There is a special forum for discussing the Three NO-NO Topics of Polite Conversation (Religion, Politics and Sex not related to trans and bigender issues). It is called Not a Polite Dinner. You can discuss those topics to your heart's content, so long as you follow the rules and guidelines set down in that forum's special rules. That forum is monitored and moderated more closely than any other to try to limit drama spilling over from it to the rest of the forum.

Rule 34: If it exists, there is porn of it. Well, we exist, but that's what the rest of the Internet is for. This board is coded for age 13 and over. That means no erotica. I will work on creating an 18-and-over section of the site, but not yet. I don't mind talking about sex, but please don't get me in trouble for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. I'm too pretty to be in jail.

Request 1: Have respect for the English language. You represent yourself and your intelligence better when you spell and punctuate correctly. I don't mind lolspeak, netslang, etc, but please learn the difference between [its and it's], [your and you're] [to, too and two] and [there, their and they're]. Please? You will make me a happy Brin. That said, don't flame anyone for spelling or grammar. It makes you look pedantic and only subjects you to Muphry's Law. Also, see Rule #1.

Note from Brin: Please respect my rules. I want a happy and healthy community, and I want us all to feel a guardianship for it. However, when it comes down to brass tacks, there's one owner. I am far from dictatorial and I champion free speech. I will most often err on the side of leniency, but I have my lines. Continued disruption, trolling and abuse will result in my wielding the banhammer. I don't expect perfection or perpetual sunshine, and I will give warning first. I'm inviting you all to sit down in my parlor and share in a conversation. I'm even providing the refreshments, but no one has a right or entitlement to have access to that which I pay for and provide free. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. If you don't like it, the door is over there.
Transition is about much more than what surgeries you have or don't have, what hormones and medicine you do or don't take, what name or pronouns you use; though, all of those can be part of someone's transition. The real transition, the meat and potatoes, the MOST IMPORTANT part of transition is to transition away from the fear, shame and guilt that your society and culture has forced onto you toward seeing yourself with love, kindness, gratitude and authenticity.

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