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This is Bigender.net, a place for bigender, third-gender, neutrois, androgynous, or otherwise gender-binary-transgressive people can come together for support, information, community and friendship.

A few quick points
You must register with a valid email address before you can access the board and post. I don't moderate newbies ... yet. Don't be the one to convince me otherwise...

I have encountered that bigender.net mail will sometimes be routed to spam folders and some people don't receive the registration confirmation email in their inbox. Please make sure you check your spam folder for the activation email and add us to your safe sender list if you don't see the activation email within a few minutes, as it is sent out right away.

Significant Others are welcome, and have their own section. It isn't restricted to SOs, and SOs aren't restricted to that space only.

Cisgendered and binary-identified transgendered allies are, of course, welcome, but this is intended to be a safe space for non-binary-identified people, so no "Pick one or the other comments." It really isn't as funny as you think it is.


We look forward to meeting you!
Transition is about much more than what surgeries you have or don't have, what hormones and medicine you do or don't take, what name or pronouns you use; though, all of those can be part of someone's transition. The real transition, the meat and potatoes, the MOST IMPORTANT part of transition is to transition away from the fear, shame and guilt that your society and culture has forced onto you toward seeing yourself with love, kindness, gratitude and authenticity.

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